FiiO M11 Plus ESS – A Revised Revision Of The Limited

With the success of the M11Plus LTD and the scarcity of the AKM chips, the M11Plus is destined to be revised with a different chipset. In my opinion, it is a wise choice for FiiO to have taken the Sabre ES9068AS as they indeed have the best performance on paper among others but they lack character in their clinically cold sound like on the LTD version. The cold sound of the M11Plus Sabre might deter some users out there as they sometimes might sound a little too plain and their power output isn’t sufficient for high impedance, low sensitivity headphones, but for a portable device, they are truly awesome. The design and implementation of this device is something that I really dig, especially their touch volume slider. With all said and done, the M11Plus Sabre is my favourite DAP in their price bracket and with a clean sound along with a snappy UI, they are something that embodies the hard work of FiiO pursuing perfection in their products. A job well done once again FiiO!



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