「MQA Checking in」FiiO Music App V3.1.0 Updates Now!


The FiiO Music App V3.1.0 is coming with brand new functions! With support for MQA Core Decoder (1.99 USD), it allows you to enjoy your music the way it was meant to be heard. In addition, the new V3.1.0 supports built-in CUE, built-in lyrics, multimedia service WebDAV and so forth. Come and try it now!


Changes and improvements about the new V3.1.0 are as follows:

1. Added a new function of user account system;

2. Added support for MQA Core Decoder (There is no 'MQA subscription' option in the settings menu of the FiiO Music App if you are using the M17, M11 Plus, M15, M11 Pro and M11 since they support decoding MQA tracks already. Other devices should pay for subscription);

3. Added support for built-in lyrics;

4. Added support for built-in CUE;

5. Added support for multimedia service WebDAV;

6. Added a new function of displaying the name of the DAC and currently playing sampling rate under USB Audio mode;

7. Improved the function of volume control under USB Audio mode;

8. Improved the display effect on some UI pages;

9. Miscellaneous performance improvements and bug fixes.


Android FiiO Music app V3.1.0: Click here

FiiO Music app V3.1.0 for X series Android players (X7II, X7, X5III): Click here

FiiO Music app V3.1.0 for M series Android players (M17, M11 Plus, M15, M11 Pro, M11, M9, M7, M6): Click here



1. After subscribing to the MQA channel, please reset the database first, and then re-scan the music library to ensure normal MQA working.

2. Your FiiO account is shared across FiiO Music app and FiiO forum.