The ESS ES9068AS DAC chips replacing AK4497EQ have been used on various portable audio products including Shanling M6 Pro 21 and Astell & Kern Kann Alpha. The experience with these devices using ESS chipsets replacements is so far so good.

This time with the same THX AAA module in the M11 Plus ESS version, the timbre and power in the output are arguably similar to the LTD version, with the LTD version being noticeably warmer and the ESS version pushing out more edges in the upper mids for stronger texture, resulting in a more analytical, cleaner tone that put the focus more to the two ends.

The below impressions are made after weeks of burn-in with different IEMs on both the SE and balanced connection and are based on the default filter settings in Pure Music Mode.

With other apps, the tonality may change so it is recommended to try other music apps such as UAPP, Kaisertone, Onkyo Player, etc., which could bring about more synergy with various IEMs.



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