Make Mobile Phone HiFi Lossless Player, Feiao KA1 Portable Ear Type-C Turn 3.5mm Small Tail Evaluation.

mobile phone has basically cut off the 3.5mm interface. How can I make the phone use the 3.5mm interface earphone with better sound quality? And you don't need to carry a bulky lossless player to HiFi? Recently, major HiFi manufacturers have given the perfect answer and introduced various Type-C-to -3.5mm portable decoding earphones equipped with black technology, of which Feiao KA1 is one of them and is also one of the author's evaluation today.

KA1 hardware configuration

Feiao KA1 supports high-definition sound quality resolution and has won the Hi-Res gold standard certification.

KA1 has built-in ESS ES9281AC Pro decoding chip with low power consumption and high performance, supports 32bit/384kHz PCM decoding, supports the highest DoP128, Native DSD256 native hardware solution, almost 0 bottom noise ≥ 114dB(32 Ω A weighting) quality, and 0.0005%@ 32Ω has ultra-low distortion and supports MQA Renderer technology.

in terms of hardware configuration, the author thinks that the price of Feiao KA1 is basically in the range of 800~1000, and the portability decoding earphones with almost the same configuration are all around 1K. However, Feiao gives a price that is entirely for making friends, only for 299, which directly makes the cost-performance ratio to the extreme, and sometimes it is 269 during the big promotion period, which is too much for making friends!

KA1 supports streaming media MQA sound quality decoding

KA1 supports MQA Core signals and completes the final complete rendering and expansion of MQA files, allowing users to experience the charm of MQA sound quality.

KA1 supports songs in different formats and lighting effects in different colors.

KA1 also has an interesting function. Different song specifications and sampling rates display lights of different colors, which is very cool. It can also know at a glance what format and sampling rate songs are currently being listened to. The author has tested songs with several different formats and sampling rates, and KA1 can really distinguish different light colors in this respect, which is very interesting.

packaging, accessories and workmanship

Feiao KA1 has a large package with solid materials, reflecting the style of a large factory. It uses laser effect product sketch on the front and has a full sense of science and technology.

accessories, like other small tail manufacturers, have given an additional USB to Type-C to 3.5mm accessories, which can be used as an external USB sound card for computers. In terms of workmanship, KA1 is made of 6-series magnesium-aluminum alloy, and the surface is sandblasted with No. 180, which is very exquisite. The appearance of industrial hard core wind design. The interior of KA1 is shielded by multi-layer boards to optimize external interference signals, so as to reduce the interference of 5G/WiFi signals of mobile phones, and will not affect the sound quality of mobile phones and cause bottom noise.

wire evaluation

KA1 wire is used with 4 strands of single crystal copper silver plated wire base. The wire skin is soft, delicate and comfortable to touch. Silver plated material greatly improves the sound quality of DEW1.

Thrust Test

The output power of KA1 is 46mW (32 Ω,THD + N<1%), and the thrust is 25~35mW higher than that of the market.@ 32the small tail of Ω, the thrust is not bad. KA1 supports adaptive Ω for power output, which does not cause excessive power consumption when low Ω headphones are used.

Headset Thrust Test

, the author did not leave a headset with high resistance and low sensitivity, only a Panasonic HD7 with high impedance of 44 Ω was left as KA1 thrust tester.

KA1 can easily drive HD7 to give full play to its good quality and strength. There are no many problems caused by insufficient thrust, such as weakness, loose knot image, weak voice, low frequency stuffy paste, high frequency dim, etc. KA1 brings HD7 a sound field space with almost zero noise, making the positioning of musical instruments and human voices accurate, clearer knot image outline, and clear and unstained background color of sound source, give full play to the characteristics of the headset's large sound field, black background, three-frequency high resolution, mellow voice, low frequency and deep dive, and the spatial stereo sense is obvious.

Reminder: When you start exclusive, the effect is much stronger than when you plug it in.

in-line sound quality test

in-line test, it is matched with Feiao's own sub-flagship headset FD5. The combination of the two is a perfect match, and the combined sound effect is very good.

FD5 is a plug with flying characteristics. The tuning adopts a balanced, atmospheric, loose and natural route, high resolution, and high reduction. The sound is true and audible. FD5 with the cooperation of KA1, the sound is cleaner and stain-free, but it does not reduce the sound density, the knot image is still clear and colorful, and there is also a qualitative expansion in the sound field, making the sound line wider. The positioning of the knots of various musical instruments between the three frequencies is also more accurate, the human voice is more natural, the pursuit of the most real and extreme sound restoration, and it is especially resistant to hearing and infectious.

Exclusive USB to 3.5mm Output Sound Quality Test

exclusive test environment, with Feiao's own sub-flagship headset FD5

KA1 starts the exclusive power to give full play to the strength of the ES9281AC Pro chip. The resolution details between the three frequencies are fuller. The sound of human voice exhaling for ventilation and swallowing saliva is reproduced in the original sound of every little detail. However, the density is still not sacrificed to increase the resolution. The sound density of the three frequencies and human voices is still controlled at a very comfortable density. The singer's essential sound characteristics and emotional color are also restored accurately. The low frequency is also heavier, and the high frequency is more gorgeous and full of rosin flavor. At this time, the author has the feeling that he is not listening to the mobile phone, but listening to the professional lossless player M11 Plus of Feiao. It can be seen that KA1 is a leap to improve the sound quality of the mobile phone.

Computer Sound Card USB to 3.5mm Test

KA1 is also supported as an external USB sound card. In the mode of the Windows11 system, you can also select performance options such as decoding channel, number of bits, Hz, etc. It supports the selection of a code rate of up to 32bits/384kHz, which is also very effective in improving the sound quality of the computer. obvious. KA1 is further improved in conjunction with the computer's thrust capability. When using HD7 headphones, it can give full play to the real strength of HD7 headphones.

the knot image of HD7 is not so light in taste, the cohesion between musical instruments and human voice will become stronger, making the sound full of delicate taste, and the sound field will be completely opened into broad depth, because KA1 eliminates almost all the bottom noise, and the low frequency can hear deeper diving and rich residual sound details, and enjoying music begins to become a kind of enjoyment.

Test Summary

On the whole, KA1 is a product that I am very surprised by. It is affordable but has a quality of 1,000 yuan. It seems that the mobile phone in my hand has been turned into a professional medium and high-end lossless music player. Under the exclusive mode, KA1 has completely eliminated the bottom noise. Good thrust can also make all kinds of earphones play a good potential. KA1 also has the voice of Feiao's pursuit of balance, truth and nature. Its excellent cost performance is worth starting.

in the future, some people asked the author about the portability of earphones at 1K price, and the author first pushed KA1! In particular, KA1 and FD5 are really a pleasure to listen to songs.

author:Bear Meow HiFi Headset Evaluationedited on 05-07 09:47