exquisite and small Feiao KA1 small tail, low-cost choice to improve sound quality

in the internal space of the mobile phone, mobile phone manufacturers have no time to worry about the internal sound quality of the mobile phone, and even the standard 3.5mm audio interface has become a luxury. Against this background, the market has given birth to a product that balances portability and sound quality-portable decoding earphones. Thanks to their small size and connection methods, consumers have named this category of products "Little Tail".

At the same time, Feiao, as the first audio manufacturer to introduce small tail products in HiFi circle, brought this FiiO & JadeAudio KA1 small tail at Feiao's first spring conference in 2022. This is an entry-level portable decoding earpiece priced only at 299 yuan. Its relatively low starting threshold makes it both popular in the market.

In terms of parameters, Feiao KA1 is equipped with DAC decoding chip ES9281 AC PRO, which can bring up to 32Bit/384kHz PCM and DSD256 decoding capabilities, with an output power of 45mW @ 32 Ω, supports MQA and DSD hard solution, and can basically drive most earphones on the market, catering to music lovers who have certain requirements for sound quality.

portability is also a major advantage of the small tail. This time KA1 has a volume of 40mm x 15mm x 8mm and a weight of only about 10g. It can be carried without feeling in a bag, and it will not have obvious falling feeling when assembled on a mobile phone. It belongs to the lightweight player in the small tail product.

In addition, high color value is also the place where this product attracts me, especially as a consumer who has an inexplicable preference for green, KA1 green color matching version just caters to my aesthetic preferences, and except for single crystal copper silver plated wire, the rest of the product is basically wrapped by 6 series magnesium aluminum alloy material, and the all-metal enclosed body can also play a strong anti-interference ability, combined with the surface 180 sandblasting process, the overall texture is adjusted.

Of course, under a compact enough body, it also specially provides a ring RGB indicator light, which can indicate the music sampling rate in real time. For example, blue represents the current song with a sampling rate of 48kHZ or below, yellow represents the sampling rate of 48kHZ or above The track, green represents the DSD track, and purple represents the MQA audio.

, in terms of interface, the interface connecting one end of the electronic device provides USB Type-C and Lightning options, while I have a USB Type-C version. In order to facilitate the connection of such devices as computers, Feiao has also specially equipped a USB-C to USB-A adapter, which is relatively well considered, while the other end is a conventional 3.5mm single-ended output interface.

In terms of the core sound quality improvement, the actual measurement is based on the combination of OPPO Find X3 Pro and Feiao KA1. The two earphones JH3 and Ningfan NA2 in my hand, for example, benefit from the significant increase in thrust, can burst out the maximum strength of the two earphones. Even users who are not sensitive to sound quality can feel the wide sound field brought by carrying Feiao KA1, which is the key to enhance immersion.

, taking Ningfan NA2 as an example, after matching Feiao KA1, it can obviously feel that the three-frequency separation, dynamic range and resolution have been significantly improved, which is the key to giving users a high-fidelity listening feeling. At the same time, bottom noise has always been a common problem for many small tails. This time Feiao KA1 has relatively excellent control of bottom noise, and it is basically difficult to find bottom noise on this product.

worth mentioning that Feiao thought that it had specially built a Windows ASIO driver, through which Native native DSD can be realized on PC. For users who want to obtain original DSD sound quality at low cost, Feiao KA1 is perhaps one of the relatively economical and affordable solutions, further improving the playability of this small tail.

at present, when smart phones have become mainstream audio devices, the small tail is a balanced choice between portability and sound quality through the form of external DAC. It is currently the most acceptable sound quality improvement channel for mass consumers. However, for users who are relatively sensitive to the battery life of mobile phones, the small tail will undoubtedly aggravate their anxiety about the battery life of mobile phones, which is a drawback that cannot be covered up without a separate power supply.

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