HiFi really a mobile phone? Feiao's little tail makes the sound of the mobile phone take off

is the small tail that can make the sound quality of mobile phones take off.

all say that the end of HiFi is a mobile phone, and products such as small tail provide a headset interface for mobile phones, so that headset users can find a lifestyle that is convenient to listen to music. However, products that can really improve the sound quality experience of mobile phones really need a good audio chip to be responsible for decoding, amplification and other work, which can eliminate many "audio adapters". Do you think about it, I buy thousands of dollars of mobile phones, good sound quality to listen to songs can also buy a few dollars of small adapter to use?

today, the new video and audio are sharing with you KA1 from Feiao and Feisheng brands. This is a small tail with built-in ES9281AC Pro chips. The highly integrated chip enables it to act as DAC, ear amplifier, usb processor and other functions. Therefore, KA1 is very small in size, suitable for users to match mobile phones of any size screen, and there is no sense of discord. Because KA1 is such a small size and its own functions do not have very complicated settings, it is not difficult to get started.

contrast, Feiao's KA1 is completely a reduced version of KA3 in his hand. In fact, KA3 and KA1 should be "brothers" in terms of naming and release time. At present, the higher-end KA5 has been announced on J's microblog. I believe that in the future, everyone can feel the charm of the new flagship tail. But the "temper" and "character" of the two "brothers" are not the same. KA3 is walking with the sound style of Feiao's "predecessors" player. The style and number of sounds are relatively soft, while KA1's sound has not been adjusted too much, and the taste of the sound is a relatively straightforward feeling. Compared with the sound of KA3, it will seem a bit digital and exciting.

only look at the sound style, this is very 6, why is this? Because the vast majority of the 3.5mm sound on our mobile phone has a similar style, the original processing of the sound is relatively simple and crude, this kind of simple untuned sound is called digital sound by many old enthusiasts, in fact, this kind of sound is an incomplete sound from the perspective of people with listening experience. Because there is no soft, delicate hearing. However, KA1's sense of softness and fineness is much stronger than that of mobile phones, almost achieving the existence of crushing. Because the current pop music is still mostly rhythm-based music, KA1 retains a slight digital taste that is more comprehensive and adaptable than KA3 in terms of listening feeling. This is also one of the reasons why many friends around me think KA1's hearing is not bad.

KA1 can be matched with the current mainstream 2000 yuan-level earplug products (except for those products that are especially difficult to push, almost all of them can be pushed well). The new audio and video is matched with Weize's HE03AL, which has a medium and high frequency sound. With KA1, the overall sound can be more balanced. The mobile phone used by the new audio and video is LG G8. I brush this mobile phone with a deep and simplified ROM. The use of connecting the small tail will cause the problem of resampling and noise. Therefore, in the software, I use Power Amp, which can switch the output sampling rate by myself. It can be said that KA1 plays a very obvious role in this system. Compared with the HiFi mode of directly connected mobile phones, KA1 has higher analytical force and layering, and the restoration of sound details is more in place. The vocal part will also be fuller and pleasant to listen to. The low-frequency sense of quantity will be a little more than that in the HiFi mode of the mobile phone itself. The whole music listening atmosphere is created very well. In fact, if it is matched with headphones with their own tuning characteristics, the overall performance should be more balanced and pleasant, because KA1 itself is a relatively highly restored sound style.

On the other hand, streaming media is currently the most exposed music for new audio and video. The quality of resources in this kind of app is uneven. The difference between the quality of these music can be heard with a little better earphone equipment. KA1 can help users provide greater thrust when using better headphones, so that the amount of information that is really undamaged can be better heard by us. This is the significance of the existence of this product. Compared with the more expensive KA3, the price of KA1 is more grounded. Compared with those audio adapters with a few dollars, the sound quality of KA1 is the existence of rolling grade. Feiao is good at making products with cost-effective routes. Feiao has a small tail and just ES9281AC Pro chip. At this price, it is definitely the kind that can roll out the sky.

KA1 is currently divided into Apple version and Android version, of which Android version can be used with the new iPad Pro, the new iPad Air and MAC computers using the Type-C interface. The Apple version is dedicated to the lightning interface. With Feiao's performance estimation, it is estimated that it will be more expensive than the Android version. After all, after paying the protection fee to Apple, you don't have to worry about not being able to use it after the system is updated.

Because the new audio-visual experience KA3 is ahead, the small tail is more suitable for mobile phone users who have higher requirements for music listening and quality. As a lower-end product, KA1 is more recommended for users who pursue listening sense and have basic requirements for sound quality. Although KA1 does not have a detachable cable design and no balanced interface to use, the new audio and video makes it plain that KA1 is more suitable for most people. However, such a small tail with audio chip, which is not very expensive in its decision-making cost, can also solve the "urgent need" of many music lovers ".

author:new videoedited on 05-17 16:28