Exquisite: FiiO/Feiao KA1 Portable Decoding Earrator Experience Report

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continued to take a look at some of the products that came to the market. Feiao launched a small tail product and soon connected to a more basic small tail. This is really reasonable for Feiao. The front-end products Feiao can be said to be all covered. It is not difficult to make a small tail with a good level by analogy.

, however, Feiao's voice has been mixed for a long time. Although most of the consumers at this price are ordinary consumers, they still care about the performance of the voice. In this way, even if the price of KA1 is 299, no matter who it is, the sound performance will be a necessary point of attention.

(Feiao/FiiO KA1 portable decoding ear)

After Feiao unified the packaging design, no matter which product line is basically such a hot silver line design, the appearance of the product can be seen at a glance. In the upper right corner is the common "three-piece set" of small tails, MQA support, ESS chips and small gold labels.

(front of package)

. In fact, to be honest, this set of packaging is a bit boring after seeing more. If you can have a unified design style on different product lines, but there are different designs, it will be better.

(front of the box, back of the box)

KA1, like other small tails, comes standard with a USBC to A adapter for computers.

(Family Photo of Accessories)

the appearance design of KA1 is naturally in the same line as KA3, because of the reduction of internal stacking and interface, the volume of KA1 is obviously smaller by one circle, and it is closer to the "small" tail I hope.


indicator light is also an essential element now. I still like the design of Feiao indicator light. The ring indicator light is on the square body. The ordinary specification is blue, and the hires specification above 48khz is yellow. It feels like high fidelity.

(Front detail)

and on the back are some signs

(details on the back)

KA1 has many cut surfaces, they are handled more naturally. Frosted and painted also make the hand feel more comfortable and will not feel sharp. And this nested design inside and outside also leaves no obvious gap. The small tail of the metal shell is now the mainstream design, both in texture and durability will be better.

there is also a key point is the metal shell, which can better shield unnecessary signal interference, thus reducing the occurrence of bottom noise.

(Shell Work Details)

as a consumer to choose a small tail, there are certainly many will care about the quality of workmanship. This quality is not only in the shell design, but also the durability of the wire. Different from indoor use, most of the outdoor use is naturally sagging after being plugged into the mobile phone. If the non-replaceable tail is repaired due to wire problems, it will do more harm than good.

KA1 has obvious reinforcement design at both ends of the wire. The outer skin of the wire is relatively thick and has certain toughness, so that the wire will not bend too much and has a protective effect.

(Details of Connection)

start talking about sound, I would like to briefly describe the parameters of KA1. The ES9281AC Pro used is a big hit during this period of time. Many small tails will choose this DAC. The signal-to-noise ratio of 46mW and 114dB under 32 Ω is a relatively conventional and reasonable performance. It can satisfy most of the headphones that are willing to take out the door, and the bottom noise is also acceptable.

overall sound evaluation:can be said directly first, the sound of KA1 is still the kind of Feiao family that does not do additional modification and seasoning, or emphasizes the tuning that restores the three-frequency hearing of the earphone itself. This tuning is also the most criticized point by consumers. Don't look at other products at other prices, first look at the price of KA1. I have seen most consumers who may have a headset with a price of almost the 600 price. The small tail is chosen to solve some basic problems such as bottom noise, and to improve the sound of the headset by the way.

(Blu-ray is displayed in general specifications)

then, for these consumers, it is obvious that they are satisfied with the sound of their headphones, and they do not need to have a tuning of the front end. then KA1 does not make too many adjustments on the three frequencies, and there is no problem with the choice of "plain boiled water. In other aspects, KA1 will make the musical instrument more refined and the sense of line will be more distinct. As a result, whether the musical instrument is the main or the second, the situation of paste will be much less. Of course, large-scale music still has to be excluded.

's shortcomings in sound still exist. Although the three frequencies are balanced, the processing of low frequencies is still a little poor. With Feiao's FD3, this is a plug with more low frequency and obvious dispersion. KA1 has not achieved a better control. One is that the thrust is still a little poor, and the cohesion of the low frequency is not enough, making the low frequency sound not very solid enough.

summary:KA1 is a small tail product that does not hide its flaws, which satisfies the basic needs of the target users well, and is also a very suitable small accessory for senior fans. Whether KA1 is worth buying or not is mainly up to consumers and the market. From the perspective of consumers, excellent workmanship, complete functions, and not too big, at least it will enter my shopping list. Judging from the sales volume of e-commerce platforms, they also performed well.

now the 100-yuan earphone market volume is about the same, capable manufacturers take the time to mix with the entry tail, in a word, it is still a good sentence for consumers ~

advantages: small size, excellent workmanship

Disadvantages: Low Frequency Processing is General

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