"Listening to Rain Decline" Issue 50 Is More Than One Side-FiiO KA1 Miscellaneous Talks

, I'm counting on my fingers. If I don't hand in the manuscript, I'll be hunted down by the joint name, so I'll send an article on the last day of May and draw a complete end to May.

KA1 has been on the market for a while, but the KA1 obtained this time is not the Type-C version, but the lighting version suitable for iPhone. After receiving the machine, I also received a copy of the Windows ASIO driver, but because the daily computer is a Mac, the ASIO driver is not needed. Indeed, no-drive is the eternal god.

let's talk about the selling price first. The price of the Type-C version of KA1 is 299. Now it is 618 to sell 249 for promotion. However, the selling price of the version with lighting interface is higher than that of the Type-C version due to MFi authentication chip.

I roughly checked the material cost according to the core components and found that KA1's profit margin is very low in HiFi products, while I can't guess the research and development cost.

KA1 envelope material seems a little interesting, probably touched, seems to be cardboard with UV coating, feel very smooth.

can see the whole picture of the contents after picking up the instruction manual, a KA1 and a lighting adapter for USB-A.

wait? lighting turn USB-A?

have to say, in terms of accessories.... Feiao is really very expected. Before, when I said that the lighting version KA1 could connect to the computer, I was still thinking about how to transfer it. I didn't expect it to be like this.

, write briefly about the unpacking part, and enter the text evaluation below.

1. basic parameters

DAC:ES9281AC Pro

Decoding: 32bit/384kHz PCM or DSD256, which supports MQA full rendering and expansion.

Thrust: 46mW at 32 ohms

SNR: 114dB at 32 ohms

2. Daily Experience

, as a 12Pro user with only 87% battery efficiency, the power consumption of the tail is a very serious problem for me. However, after several days of use, I found that KA1 will not have a significant impact on the battery life of the mobile phone. And the size is small enough to fit into your pocket, instead of being used separately like a Gryphon. As for the 46mw thrust on the book, although it does not look high, the actual experience shows that this thrust is enough to feed most of the plugs on my hands.

, I also tried to use KA1 to push K92 for my work, although I couldn't completely push it away. However, the overall sound framework is relatively clear, the sound pressure level can also meet the demand, and the dynamic range is remarkable. KA1 really gave me a little surprise in terms of reserve power, which should be regarded as "small body, big energy.

Feiao designed a circular RGB indicator on KA1, which is used to display the current sampling rate. When the sampling rate of the sound source is less than or equal to 48kHz, the color of the indicator light is yellow. When the sampling rate of the sound source is greater than 48kHz, it is blue, and when the MQA sound source is played, it is purple (magenta).

an integrated metal shell can eliminate external interference to a great extent. After the actual experience, I did not feel the existence of noise on KA1. Even if it is used in a complex electromagnetic environment, there is no interference sound, which is also a point where many tails are not done well.

3. thrust

book, I have doubts about this 46mW after trying the plugs on my hand one by one.

"Is this thing really only 46mW?"

in the earplug products on hand, except for the problem of insufficient feeding on the TRI Starlight equipped with the sound EST65Q electrostatic unit, it can be pushed up to NF8P and down to MX500. The sound frame and the amount of information are relatively complete, and the dynamic range is also very surprising.

4. sound

Test condition: The front end is iPhone 12 Pro, the audio source is Apple Music, and KA1 is used to drive KBEAR bluestone. In order to match this price range, the wire earmuffs are original. The reason for using this collocation is that the bluestone itself has almost no taste in tuning, which can better reveal the sound dyeing of the decoding equipment.

Test Track 1: Violin Concerto "Butterfly Lovers"-Lu Siqing

Because the whole song has only a single movement, Liang Zhu only uses the "presentation department" to comment, and its timeline is about 10 minutes. In Liang Zhu's small concerto, KA1 and bluestone have no obvious shortcomings. The tactful and penetrating power of the violin have been restored relatively well. The dynamic range performance is very good. When transferring to the orchestra ensemble, you can clearly feel that KA1's thinking in tuning is slightly dynamic.

Test Track 2:Die Fledemaus: Overture-J.Strauss II

small compilation, I will have a little more compilation. In this song, I have more confirmed my previous thoughts. KA1's tuning idea is indeed biased towards the big dynamic. KA1 is also pretty good in the sound field performance, and the band positioning and separation are above the level. With the same ES9281AC chip high-priced products hit back and forth, and in the hardware decoding parameters to achieve the same price products "bottom big one pressure dead".

Test Track 3: Kiss Everywhere-Miriam Yeung

KA1 has no short board in human voice processing, it has certain deficiencies in low frequency control. Bluestone, which has no taste, is not very cohesive at low frequency and has a slightly weaker impact under the same light KA1 blessing. Although it has little effect on hearing on the whole, it will give people the illusion of insufficient strength.

5. summary

Feiao was criticized by many people for its "plain boiled water" tuning in his early years, this tuning application is very suitable for entry-level products at this price. Users in this price range are mostly entry-level users. The biggest reason for buying a small tail is to hear the original sound of headphones. The light tuning of KA1 also gives it a strong revealing power. Equipped with MFi authentication chip, it can be pressed to less than 300 with ES9281AC. It's really just one word, I'll only say it once.

portable devices are gradually miniaturized now, from the bluish ear to the present small tail, the volume is shrinking at the same time, the parameters are also rising. From the consumer's point of view, KA1 really does not talk about the existence of military virtue at this price. Both ends of the connection line have been strengthened, the shielding processing is in place, both versions can be directly connected to the PC, and even the full rendering and expansion of MQA are arranged. Not the kui is you, flying proud, in the pile of material this piece of holding dead.

KA1 is actually a good choice, whether it is a pure white who has just started or an enthusiast with certain experience. The former can have a better decoding device, while the latter can take it as you go out without carrying too many devices.

the light source of this picture is different. It has been adjusted for a long time and has not been adjusted back. Spray lightly.

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