9. How to use the BTR1 with two Bluetooth devices simultaneously?

A: 1) Enable the Bluetooth function on both the deivce A and device B that need to be used simultaneously with the BTR1.
2) While the BTR1 is powered off, hold the power button of the BTR1 for around 5 seconds to enter pairing mode (with the red and blue light flashing alternately). Search for BTR1 on the device A and pair it with the BTR1.
3) On device A, select BTR1 in the device list and disconnect. After that power off the BTR1 by holding the Power button for around 3 seconds
4) Follow the step 2 to pair and connect the BTR1 with the device B
5) Select BTR1 on device A to reconnect
After that, if you play music on device A, you can hear the music from it on the BTR1. And if you pause the music on the device A then play on device B, you can hear the music from the device B.