4. Supported input/output mode and the input/output priority of Q3 MQA

【Supported input mode; Output priority】

①UAC mode (USB DAC):
USB input, 2.5/3.5/4.4 output
【Output Priority】
It supports PO and BAL output, among which BAL is prior.
When PO and BAL port are inserted at the same time, PO has no output and BAL has output.
When 2 BAL or all the 3 ports (PO and 2 BAL) are inserted, there will be no sound.
②AUX mode (pure headphone amplifier):
3.5 LO input, 2.5/4.4 BAL output:
【Output Priority】
Only supports BAL2.5 or BAL4.4 output.
If both BAL ports are inserted, there will be no sound.
【Priority of USB DAC and AUX mode: USB DAC prior】
*Once the Q3 is connected to a USB device that is playing normally, the USB DAC mode will be prior.
*When the Q3 is not connected to a USB device or it is connected but not playing music, it will work in Aux mode if both AUX and BAL are inserted. When in AUX mode, the Q3 is connected to a USB device and the music begins, it will auto-switch to USB DAC mode. When the music stops for more than 5 seconds, it will auto-switch to AUX mode.
*USB DAC stops playback includes: Stop playback, pause playback, play silent tracks, minimize the volume on the app.