Quick Look: FiiO K5 Pro ESS Desktop DAC/Amplifier

It's an excellent set that also measures very well if you take the first-party data for granted, and in the absence of an expensive audio analyzer, there's not much else but to relate that my subjective experiences coupled with the flat sound signature have all been impressive for the money, knowing that a typical ESS Sabre DAC-equipped solid-state amplifier is a working formula. This is good value for the money with minimal compromises, making it a good choice for those looking for a desktop DAC/amp that can easily fit under a monitor and provide oodles of clean power, though there is the distortion-related ESS hump to consider, of course. It also comes with dedicated ASIO drivers and all the PCM/DSD playback support one could want. There is no MQA rendering though, which is a positive in my books since it kept the cost of this iterative release at an even $200!



Author: VSG; From: techpowerup.com

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