6. Introduction to X3MKIII's Bluetooth function

A: X3MKIII's bluetooth 4.1 solution comes from the F1C81 chipset, which enables low-latency transmission to ensure that you will never miss a beat in getting your high-quality music. Two-way transmission allows it to receive bluetooth signal while sending bluetooth signal.   
( So you can use RM1 to control the playback while the palyer is connected to Bluetooth headphones or Bluetooth speakers.But it cannot be connected to smart phones, X7 or other audio source via Bluetooth.
Go to "System settings ->bluetooth settings>manage added devices" to manage the added devices. scroll the touch wheel to choose the device and press OK button to connect to the device. Click shortcut key on the upper left of the wheel, the "Delete device" will pop up, then press "OK" button to delete the device.