6. How to use the coaxial and optical decoding function of K7?

(1) After powering on the K7, short press the input button and switch the input mode to OPT. The K7 will enter optical decoding mode.(Switch to Coaxial to enter the coaxial decoding mode).Use an optical or a coaxial cable to connect the input device to the K7 to achieve optical or coaxial decoding.
(2) Switch the output mode to a suitable one.
LO: rear panel line-out, fixed volume
PRE : rear panel line-out, adjustable volume
PO: front panel headphone out, adjustable volume
(3) Scroll the volume knob and adjust the volume of the K7 to a suitable level before playing music.
(4)Play music on the front device to enjoy the music.
Note: When there is no output from the K7, please try to play other music first.