23. With the same THX AAA-788+ amp chip, why would the maximum output power of the K7 be 2W, and the K9 Pro be 3W?

Theoretically, using the same THX AAA-788+ as the K9 Pro, the K7 will have an output power of up to 3W. When designing the K9 Pro and K7, we considered that the usage scenarios of desktop devices are more strict. For example, some users prefer to use them to connect to passive speakers and headphones which require a lot of power and output at the same time. Since the Q7/M17 and other products were designed with output detection, they can detect the output status in a timely manner. While the K7 and K9 Pro always have output, we designed them with limited maximum output power. Therefore, it will remain stable even when switching the interface. But don't worry, 2W stable output power is enough for most headphones.