3. How to pair FW5 with your mobile phone?

Here take the mobile phone for example. FW5 need to enter the pairing mode if it is the first time to pair with your mobile phone, the headset indicator light will blink quickly when enters successfully. Then click your phone to enter the Bluetooth settings, search the FW5 and click “pairing”, then complete the pairing process.

Three methods to enter the pairing mode

method 1:

When Bluetooth transmitter A is connected to FW5, disconnect it and the FW5 will automatically enter the pairing mode.

method 2:

First, long press and hold the power button on both sides for about 5 seconds to power off, then repeat the steps to power on so as to force the FW5 to enter the pairing mode.

method 3:

Wipe the pairing records, namely reset. Take out the earphones and long press the power button of both sides for about 8s, the earphones will first turn off and then turn on, the left and the right earbuds will automatically pair. After they pair successfully, it will wipe the pairing records and enter the pairing mode.

Notice: The users can also wipe the pairing records even when one side earphone can connect the Bluetooth devices but the another side can't.