5. Instruction for how to use FIIO Control APP to control FW5

FiiO FW5 Supports APP control. The users can download the FiiO control and FiiO Music from the APP market, so as to control the FW5 and set the audio parameters via Bluetooth. Fiio will also update the firmwares occasionally through OTA to bring the users better experience.

Download links of the latest version for Android:Click here

Why FiiO Control can't connect to the FW5 while FiiO Music is connecting.

Since the Bluetooth Control can only connect to one device at a time, if you have connected to one APP between FiiO Music and FiiO Control, you need to close the APP before you can connect to the another APP.

Status page

Show the battery level and the version.

Indicator light: Turn off the white indicator light on the earphone.

Battery protection: when it works, the headset battery will be judged full in advance.

Game mode: With lower latency when opens.

Idle power off: for saving power. FW5 will power off automatically without any connection for over the setting time, default time is 5 minutes.

Audio page

Channel balance: set the left and right headphone channel balance according to your needs.

Filters: FW5 includes four filters, which are sharp roll-off,slow roll-off,short delay sharp roll-off,short delay slow roll-off

The filters are the effects that come with the chip itself and bring subtle changes to the sound. Below are the descriptions of different filters for your reference.

sharp roll-off: clear, lightly sharpened, fine and smooth, higher fidelity. (resolution)Suitable for complex soundtrack and fast paced songs.

short delay sharp roll-off: atmospheric music, backward sound location, accurate positioned, deep and powerful, Suitable for pop music. The actual listening experience depends on the devices paired, and the results are for reference only.

slow roll-off: mellow, reproduces versatile overtone. bass sounded fuller, nature echos, Suitable for music genres such as slow and relaxed beats.

short delay slow roll-off: Immaculate sound, forward positioned, immersive, clear acoustic sound, for classical music.

Headphone volume: Volume of the headset itself.

Volume of tone: The notification volume of the headset itself.

Volume of call: The volume of the headset itself when calling with the headset.

The above volume adjustments can be memorized without second adjustment.

Lanuage of tone: Chinese and English are available for notification tone language.

Setting page(Click the gear icon in the upper right corner to enter the setting page.)

Custom device name: define your device name as you want.

Clear pairing: Wipe the records of paired devices on FW5.

Restore to default settings: wipe all pairing records, restore default settings for APP.

Power off: turn off the left and the right earbuds.

Firmware upgrade: Upgrade firmware online or locally.