7. Introduction to the battery life, charging case and indicator lights of UTWS5

Battery life

The battery life of the earbuds is 6.5 hours for one charge, and the charging box can provide a full charge for four times, total life of about 30 hours.

Battery box

The battery capacity of the charging box is 380mAh.

1.Put the earbuds into the charging box, It would charge the earbuds automatically.

2.The introduction of the indicator lights on charging box and earbuds are as below.


If the charging box is not working: open/close/put the earphone into, during 0%-5% of battery level, LED1 will flash for 4 seconds and then turn off. And the others LED of battery levels will turn on for 4 seconds and then turn off.

Why does the charging compartment run out of power after a short time of use?

When the earbuds are put into the battery box, the battery box will also consume power, this part of the power will be lost. After the earbuds being put into the battery box without any use for 40 days, the power of battery box will be lost completely. It is recommended to charge the battery box regularly to avoid complete power loss if you do not use it for a long time.