FiiO Multimedia Keypad KB1K Is Officially Released!

To help more users master the device and experience the beauty of using a HiFi keypad to listen to music on the desktop, we have developed a multimedia keypad with all-new technology and higher cost performance.


Music controlling is the default function of the multimedia keypad tailored for audiophiles. When you use your computer for daily music listening, the HiFi keypad KB1K can help you quickly switch songs, adjust the volume, pause or play music. The exquisite feel of the buttons and knobs can make you feel more comfortable. This is an operating experience that mouse clicks do not have.


When using the HiFi keypad KB1K with a player or desktop digital source device, such as with the Hi-Res desktop digital streaming music player and DAC/Amp R7, the HiFi keypad KB1K can also control music, wake up the screen, switch output modes, etc., which not only further improves the desktop HiFi operation experience, but also further helps to create a more attractive desktop HiFi match solution.


At the same time, the fixed or self-defined RGB lights bring smart and interesting colorful light effects to your HiFi devices. For example, when connecting the KB1K to our desktop DAC/Amp K7, the atmospheric lights will become more attractive. If you want to further create your own desktop culture, the KB1K supports switchable hot-swappable sockets and keycaps. Change the sockets and keycaps you like, and the desktop match you want will be right in front of you.


Thanks to the customizing function of the button and knob, as well as the support for setting key press macros, the HiFi keypad KB1K can be used in most usage scenarios, such as commonly used Ctrl+C/V buttons, PS, modeling, custom scripts and other common functions or commands. You can modify and expand the keypad function to your own needs, so as to improve work efficiency as much as possible.


Distinguished from the black KB1, the outer shell of the KB1K is made of  ABS+PMMA plastic, which ensures well textures yet with a more affordable price.


Key features of the KB1K include:

-- Magnesium-aluminum alloy material

-- TTC hot-swap sockets and Kailh BOX White switches

-- Hot-swappable sockets

-- RGB lights

-- Supports self-define buttons and knob

-- Anti-slip EVA foam mat


*The KB1K is available on our AliExpress Official Store. Click the link below to take it home right away.


Best regards,

Guangzhou FiiO Electronics Technology Co., Ltd.