6. How to use the KA5 as a USB DAC for computers?

[Windows PC]

1.It runs drive-free in Windows 10 and above systems.

2.Install the FiiO USB driver. It supports ASIO output for further DSD256. Please click the link here to download the driver: Click here

3.On the menu of settings - audio output device of the playback software, select "FiiO KA5" and then connect the KA5 to the headphones to listen to music.

DSD track playback settings: Click here

[MAC computer]

MAC systems do not need a driver. If connecting to a Type-C port of the computer, use a Type-C to Type-C cable for direct connection. If connecting to a USB-A port, use a USB-A to Type-C cable for connection. Please select "FiiO KA5" as the audio output device on the computer.

[Linux PC]

Linux system also runs drive-free. Theoretically, connecting the Ka5 directly to a Linux computer would work. But since there are too many versions, we cannot guarantee all systems are compatible. So, if the connection fails, it is suggested to change the data cable or USB port to troubleshoot the problem. Otherwise, the failed recognition means nonsupport.

Music stutters on some Windows computers due to the driver

(1) It is due to the different power management policies of some computers.

Please go to the settings menu of Control panel->Hardware and Sound->Power options to disable the "USB selective suspend setting" and then restart the computer.

(2) If the problem still exists, please go to the Power options->PCI Express and turn off Link State Power management.

(3) If it still can't be solved, please choose the driver-less mode. Uninstall the DAC driver and ASIO, and then choose the KA5 as the output device.