4. K7 BT signal input, output, gain description

Signal input of K7 BT:

K7 BT supports USB input, optical fiber input, coaxial input, line input, Bluetooth receiver, a total of 5 input methods, by clicking the INPUT button on the front panel to switch the input


Output description of K7 BT:

K7 BT supports single-ended line output, 6.35mm single-ended headphone output, and 4.4 balanced headphone output.


Output modes include LO, PRE, PO:

LO: rear panel line output, the volume is not adjustable

PRE: Rear panel line output, volume adjustable

PO: Headphone output on the front panel, the volume is adjustable


Which gain should I use when using headphones?

K7 BT supports two levels of gain, toggle switch adjustment, respectively L/H, the corresponding gain is 0dB/6dB

The gain adjustment needs to be determined according to your earphones. You can set the volume between 9 o'clock and 3 o'clock, and choose the gain that suits you based on your hearing.

(Gain is invalid when LO output)