6. How to connect the K7 BT to the computer when it is used as a USB DAC?

【Windows computer】

1. Install the FiiO DAC universal driver on the computer

Driver download link: Click here

2. K7 BT input setting: K7 BT [INPUT] switch to USB gear

3. K7 BT output setting: switch to the corresponding output port according to the interface used, switch the headphone output on the front panel to [PO], and switch the line output on the rear panel to [PRE] or [LO]

4. Connect the computer and K7 BT through a square USB data cable, set the audio output of the computer system and the audio output of the playback software to K7 BT and then use it.

5. With a computer: How to play general lossless tracks and music in DSD format? Click to view

【MAC computer】

1. MAC computer does not need to install the driver, just change the sound output device to K7 BT after connection.

2. It is recommended to adjust the system volume to the maximum, and adjust the output volume of the unit through the potentiometer on the K7 BT.

Apple computer DAC setting introduction: click



1. When K7 BT is connected to Mac, it can play DSD tracks up to DSD128. This is because under OSX, the DoP can only support DSD128 (DSD256 needs to be packaged in 768K under MAC, and K7 BT supports up to 384kHz).

2. In theory, OSX can connect to K7 BT to play DSD256 through Native, but the corresponding playback software needs to pass through MFi and support Native output, such as Audirvana Plus, Amara Symphony.


【Linux computer】

The Linux system is driver-free. In theory, it can be used directly by connecting it directly. However, due to the large number of versions, it can not be guaranteed that all systems can be adapted. If it is connected, it is recommended to use another data cable or USB port to check. is not supported.