5. Function and operation instruction

(1) 【VOLUME 】Volume adjustment

(2) 【BASS】Bass adjustment

With 70Hz as a reference, it supports an 8dB continuous adjustment range

(3) 【INPUT】Input signal switch

Single press: switch input source

Blue light: LINE IN 1 input

Green light: LINE IN 2 input

When turning on the SP3 for the first time, the LINE IN 1 will be the default input. After turning off and then turning on the speaker, it will maintain the input state the last time it was turned off.

(4) 【RGB】RGB light effect adjustment

Hold: turn on/off the RGB light effect

Single press: switch light color

Double press: switch light rhythm

(5) 【L/R】Channel switch

Through the channel switch, the primary speaker can be placed based on the desktop for easy operation.

The default switch is set to "R", and the primary speaker is placed on the right side. When placing the primary speaker on the left side, the switch should be set to "L".

(6) 【POWER】Power on/off button

Short press to turn on: RGB light on

Short press to turn off: RGB light off

Note: we added a logical setting on the software, i.e. after turning off the SP3, it needs 2 seconds before powering on again.

For other functions, please refer to the Quick Start Guide: Click here