8. Does the SP3 need to be burned in? How to maintain it in daily use?

(1) Whether the SP3 needs to be burned in?

Newly purchased speakers are brand-new products. Because they are not used, you will feel that the sound is obviously dry, cold and hard with harsh treble and relatively weak bass. However, after burn-in, the sound will be clearly enhanced with rich audio details, lush vocals, crisp treble and robust bass.

Whether the SP3 needs to be burned in is subject to individuals. If you prefer cold and hard sounds, the original timbre will make you comfortable, so it is unnecessary to burn in. But if you prefer warm and natural sounds, it is suggested to burn in.

(2) How to burn in?

a. Choose multi-band audio sources: simply put, serenade with heavy metal rock that includes all frequency bands as much as possible.

b. High volume: set the volume of the speaker to the highest as possible, and the volume of the sound source (mobile phone, Bluetooth devices, computers, etc.) to 60%-75%.

c. Burn-in time: for newly purchased speakers, it is suggested to control the burn-in time to about 60 hours. For those that have been used for a period of time, it needs about 40 hours to reach the ideal effect.

d. Placement: they should be settled firmly and stably, avoiding accidents caused by vibrations generated during burn-in.

(3) Maintenance precautions

a. Prevent the SP3 contact with dust;

b. Prevent it from moisture;

c. Please place the speakers in a well-ventilated place, and do not expose them to the sun directly;

d. When adjusting the volume, please do not turn the sound to the highest level instantly. It is better to first turn down the sound, and then turn it up slowly.