3. Instruction of Upgrading the firmware for the BTR3




The latest firmware for the BTR3 is v1.0 (v1030) at present.There is no need to upgrade your BTR3 again, if it is already latest firmware. 

It will be displayed as version 1.0 on latest version FiiO Music app after upgrading the BTR3 to firmware v1.0.


Note: please download and install the latest version FiiO Music app v1.0.7  on your smart phone firstly, and pair the BTR3 with the  phone via Bluetooth, and go to FiiO Music app Settings -> FiiO BT control, if you want to know the version on your BTR3.


A. Download the Firmware file and the Upgrade tool

After downloading, unzip the package and install the upgrade tool directly by double clicking it (.exe file).  In general, please try not to change the default installing path during the installation process.



B. Before upgrade

(Make sure the battery life is enough for update.)

1. Power on the BTR3, and hold Multifunctional button (which is in the middle of the Power button and Volume buttons) for about 5 seconds, then the red and blue lights will flash alternately.

2. Hold the Multifunctional button and Volume ”+” button for about 5 seconds, to make the BTR3 enter DFU mode (The indicator will turn OFF after done).

3. Please do not press any buttons on the BTR3 at this time, and just try to connect the BTR3 with the computer by the Type C USB cable came from BTR3. ( It is highly suggested to use the Type C USB cable supplied by BTR3.)

To check if the BTR3 is successfully connected, go to Device Manager and see if there is a "CSR BlueCore in DFU mode" displayed under the "Universal Serial Bus controller" category. If there is, it means the BTR3 is connected with the computer successfully.



C. Upgrade the firmware for the BTR3

1. Run the upgrade tool (DfuWizard.exe) which is installed in Part A (Here is the path: C:\Program Files (x86)\CSR\BlueSuite 2.6.4\DfuWizard.exe), then click “下一步” which is referred to “Next”.




2. Select option marked in below image then click "Next"



3. Select option marked in below image then click "Next"



4. Click the "Browse" icon (if no "select file" window pops up automatically) to locate and select the downloaded firmware file (.dfu file)



After selecting the firmware file, click "Next" to continue.



5. Please wait patiently for the upgrade to complete and do NOT operate the device during this process.



6. If the below menu appears, it means the upgrade is complete, click "Finish"(完成) to close the application. After that, please disconnect the BTR3 from the computer and restart it before use.