FiiO FW3 and FW5 TWS Earphones Review

"Both the FW3 and FW5 integrate a deliberate design that makes it a scalable platform. The FW5 released first using a 1 DD/2 BA driver configuration with two microphones and an independent AK4332 DAC in addition to the Qualcomm QCC5141 SoC. It recently got LDAC codec support that will no doubt get more people interested. The price cut is also nice and there are regular sales you should look out for. For example, the FW5 was selling for $99 just recently as part of the June summer sale. The FW3 had only just launched and was benefiting from a launch sale at $69 which made it almost a no-brainer for the feature set. $85 for the FW3 and ~$120 for the FW5 are still competitive, certainly more so compared to the FW5 at $150 that I can't recommend without EQ. If you shop around you will find authorized retailers matching the prices as well but also some weirdly asking for more than MSRP! As such, whether or not you should purchase either the FW3 or FW5 depends on what it will cost you. I'd say the FW3 for $75-85 is a decent deal in giving you most of the user experience of the more expensive FW5 and not cutting down on the audio experience too much. If anything, the stock tonality is favorable to a wider range of music genres and FiiO did a good job compensating for the lack of two BA drivers by still giving better treble and bass extension than the vast majority of TWS sets on the market."





By: VSG  From techpowerup

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