Fiio FW3- Spunky brother

"In the end the FW3 has got so much going for them. They might not have the latest and greatest tech going on for its TWS end but if you need something simple, easy to use, but most importantly a forward punchy full bored dynamic sound quality on the go. The FW3 is one of those products I can easily recommend to family and friends especially if you need a TWS in ear for easy access to your phone's music, media, for meetings or talking for your busy work or commute. Its AKM4332 integration makes them unique among TWS products and it clearly shows just how brawny/ powerful the sound is. This is a product that you're clearly going to get your money's worth in function and especially sound quality and hence it's a product I will gladly give two enthusiastic thumbs up for. These are clearly made for casual and immersive music listening and for that it's a shining example of what can be achieved with good integration of technology with good sound tuning and you have the FW3. Thanks for taking the time to read."



BY: Dsnuts From headfi

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