9.What's the difference between the lowpass filters?

There are 5 different filters built in the KA13 for your preference. Filters are the sound effects born with the chip, which only has slight adjustments for the sound. Here are some introductions to some filters. These are only for reference since actual listening also has something to do with the matched device.


Minimum phase fast roll-off filter: neutral, medium reverb, sound thicker, partial midrange, thick warm, suitable for vocals and slower tempo music;

Fast roll-off, Phase-compensated filter: neutral, a small amount of reverb, restored to the natural sound, neutral tone, suitable for natural and fast music with strong sense;

Minimum phase slow roll-off filter: neutral, a small amount of reverb, warmer sound, more mid-range, large soundstage, suitable for orchestral and other large compositions music;

Slow roll-off, Phase-compensated filter: sharp, a small amount of reverb, restored to the original sound, neutral tone, detailed, suitable for favoring monitor style;

Non over-sampling filter: sampling rate equal to the signal frequency, with no oversampling of the signal.