7. How to switch Bluetooth codec for BTR15 in your Android mobile phone?

The BTR15 is a Bluetooth receiver. So the Bluetooth code it receives is depended by the mobile phone terminal. If you would like to switch the Bluetooth code, you could go to the developer mode page of the mobile phone for switching.

There is a Bluetooth code selection option of BTR15 in the FiiO Control. You could select the Bluetooth codecs you want to use on the BTR15 via that option. The codecs that are not selected will be disabled.

If you would like to use other Bluetooth codec(Like LDAC), please follow this steps for help:

1. Enter FiiO Control app-BTR15-Status

2. Click'Select Bluetooth code'

3. Cancel the selection of 'Aptx adaptive' ,then click'ok'

4. The BTR15 will restart and reconnect to the mobile phone via LDAC or other Bluetooth codec.


Note: The iOS device only supports SBC and AAC Bluetooth codec. And the default Bluetooth codec will be AAC.