8 Gold Awards! Tens of FIIO Products Were Granted VGP 2024 Awards!

Recently, the well-known Japanese media, Ongen Publishing Co., Ltd., announced award winners of VGP 2024. Tens of FIIO products were honored to be on the list, among which the K9 Pro ESS, K7 BT, K11, M17, M11S, BTR15, KA13, and JD3 black edition were honored with the Gold Award. Other products, like the R7, SP3, FT5, FX15, K9, and KA series of USB dongles, were also honored with awards.


We would like to express our great thanks to Ongen Publishing for recognizing FIIO products. In the future, we will keep working hard on designing, producing and providing high-quality HiFi products for consumers. Thank you so much for your support~