5. The instruction of indicator light control

On the System Settings-Display-Indicator Light Control, you can set the brightness, working style and light color of the knob and strip indicators.


Brightness: Based on volume/Based on temperature/User-defined

Working status: Constantly on/Pulsing/Off

Light color: Based on audio format/Fixed color(Red/Blue/Cyan/Purple/Yellow/White/Green/Orange/Rainbow)/Repeated pulsing


※When the light color is set to “Rainbow”, the pulsing effect will be unavailable.

※When the light working style is set to “Rhythm”, the indicator light will follow the rhythm of the audio when it is playing, and move randomly if not playing.

※When the light color is set to “Repeated pulsing”, the Rainbow effect will be unavailable”.

  Knob light color
Bluetooth(Receiving/Transmitting) SBC: Blue
AAC: Cyan
LHDC: Orange
aptX-HD: Yellow
aptx/aptx LL: Purple
aptx adaptive: Green
LDAC: White
Local playback LQ: Blue
SQ: Cyan
HQ: Yellow
MQA: Purple
DSD: Green

UAC/Coaxial/optical decoding
<48K: Blue
>48K: Yellow
MQA: Purple
DSD: Green