12. How to use the coaxial and optical decoding function of R9?

[How to connect]

Optical / Coaxial output device -> R9 -> Headphones / Speakers

[How to Set]

  1. R9 input setting: After power on the R9, hold the power button for about 2s or drop down the menu from the status bar, then switch to the corresponding optical / coaxial decoding mode. And access the corresponding optical / coaxial cable to [OPTIAL IN] or [COAXIAL IN] port in the back panel of the R9.

  2. R9 output setting: switch to the corresponding output port according to the interface used, switch to [PO] on the front panel headphone out, switch to [PRELO] or [LO] on the rear panel line-out,switch to [PO+PRELO] on the front panel headphone out and rear panel line-out.

  3. Play music from the front-end Optical / Coaxial output device and you could enjoy the music.

Note: If there is no sound, please try other tracks to exclude the format and file problem.

[No output from coaxial/optical output port]

You would need to enable the OPT/COAX output from system setting-Audio-OPT/COAX output option first.

Note: When the optical/coaxial output switch is turned on, the output will follow the standard SPDIF protocol specification.

Maximum supported sampling rate:

COAX OUT: 384kHz/24bit; DSD128 (DOP)

OPT OUT: 192kHz/24bit

The tracks exceeding the maximum sampling rate will be SRC before outputting.

[The sample rate will show in the status bar when using coaxial / optical output?]

The coaxial/optical output port of R9 is independent. The analog output and digital output can output at the same time. Besides, the XLR connector is without detection, so there is no distinction for analog output and digital output.