17. How to use FiiO Cast function in the R9?

  1. The remote control function needs to be controlled by the FIIO Control app. Please make sure the app on your phone is the latest one.

  2. Make sure the R9 and your phone are connected to the same LAN.

  3. Tap the “FIIO Cast” icon on the homepage of the R9 and enter the homepage. You can select either “Resolution quality first” or “Fluency first” (the option is valid only on the same screen control). “Resolution quality first” is the default setting. Tap “Start” to enter the page of “Waiting for connection”.

  4. Go to the FIIO Control app on your mobile phone, successively tapping Add a device->DAP to search for the corresponding device (or tap “Click for more ways to connect” on the bottom of the R9, and scan the QR code to connect). Connect them to enter the basic controlling page. On this page are some regular operations for the R9. Tap “Casting” to remotely control the display of the R9.



※After the FIIO Cast is connected, it will work in the background, but returning to the previous page step by step may lead to disconnection.

※After the FIIO Cast is connected, if you turn off the screen of the mobile phone for a while and then unlock it, the casting will disconnect. At this time, wait for the icon to turn red and then tap to reconnect to reenter the basic controlling page.