8.The instruction to desktop mode and the external power supply port

When the D.MODE is toggled to ON, the desktop mode is on. The output power and gain of KA17 could be higher. It is recommended to drive high-impedance headphones or the device which is hard to be driven.

When the D.MODE is toggled to OFF, the desktop mode is off. The KA17 is used for daily music enjoying and driving the low-impedance headphones.

Output power between D.MODE on/off:

  D.MODE off D.MODE on Improvement
BAL 275mW 650mW 136%
PO 140mW 275mW 96%

The KA17 features two USB Type-C ports. One is the typical port used to connect to other devices such as phones, tablets and computers. The orange port on the side is designed for use with an external power supply. When an external power supply is connected to this port, the KA17 can achieve higher power output and better performance without consuming the battery of your phone or other connected device.

The power supply from the external power supply port takes precedence.

When the external power supply port is connected, KA17 will no longer consume power from the mobile phone, but will be powered by the external power supply port.

The power supply from the external power supply port should meet the requirement of 5V/1A or above.

Can D.mode be enabled when not connecting to external power supply?

Generally speaking, when using the KA17 with Android mobile phones, iPhone 15 series and PC, the D. Mode can be enabled without connecting to external power supply. When using with other iOS devices, external power supply is needed for enabling D.mode.

Can I get 650mW output with D.Mode on when not connecting to external power supply?

If the power supply from the USB port of the connected device is high enough, you could get 650mW power even when not connecting the external power supply to the KA17. According to the test from the engineer, some mobile phones could provide enough power for the KA17 to get 650mW output. But they haven't tested NS yet.

When not enabling D.Mode, can I connect to external power supply?

Yes, when both usb ports are connected, the exteral power supply takes priority.