FiiO Music App V3.2.1 updates now! Landscape mode and compressor sound effect are added!


Android FiiO Music app-V3.2.1: Click here

FiiO Music app-V3.2.1 for X series Android players: Click here

FiiO Music app-V3.2.1 for M/R series Android players: Click here


How to check the APP version of FiiO Music app:
From settings-About-VersionX.X.X

How to update the FiiO Music app online:

Method 1: Search and download FiiO Music in the App Store on your mobile phone;

Method 2: Connect the mobile phones/players to the Internet, then click 'Check for update' from Personal-Settings-About menu.

If the update fails to work correctly, please try following steps:

1. If the update prompt does not shows after connecting to the Internet for some time, please delete the installation package in ''. Then restart the APP and wait from the re-download.

2. If the current APP version is too old, the automatical update may not work. Please try to update locally.

How to update the FiiO Music app locally:
Set the device to storage mode and connect to computer, drag the downloaded FiiO Music (.apk) to the device. Then disconnect the connection and enter ES file explorer/file manager, find the FiiO Music app in internal storage/sd card and click install.