14. The introduction of the 8 filters for KA17

There are 8 different filters built in the KA17 for your preference. Filters are the sound effects born with the chip, which only has slight adjustments for the sound. Here are some introductions to some filters. These are only for reference since actual listening also has something to do with the matched device.


MINI: Minimum phase (default)

Conventional minimum phase filter. No front ringing, but very large rear ringing.

FAST A: Linear phase fast roll-off apodizing

Linear phase filters incorporating special window functions to optimize transient response - Theoretical

FAST: Linear phase fast roll-off

Traditional linear phase filter. Symmetrical ringing, audio DACs from 20 years ago were mainstream defaults for this filter.

FAST R: Linear phase fast roll-off low ripple

Conventional linear phase filters that reduce some ripple.

SLOW: Linear phase slow roll-off

Conventional linear phase filters with almost no filtering

MINI F: Minimum phase fast roll-off

Approximates a "conventional minimum phase filter", trading ripple for faster roll-off.

MINI S: Minimum phase slow roll-off

This filter is recommended if the song is at a high sample rate, e.g. ≥ 176.4kHz.

MINI S D: Minimum phase slow roll-off low dispersion

The relatively most natural sound. Note: Natural does not necessarily sound good, especially with poor quality recordings.