FIIO Receives Multiple Awards at VGP 2024 SUMMER

The Visual Grand Prix (VGP) is one of Japan’s largest and most prestigious awards for audiovisual products. Established in 1987 and organized by Ongen Publishing Co., Ltd., the VGP awards are judged by a panel of experts including critics from professional magazines and vertical media, as well as well-known dealers from the sales frontline. The judges evaluate products based on their functionality, quality, and market performance, making the VGP awards a crucial reference for global consumers, particularly audiovisual audiophiles.


Recently, Ongen Publishing announced the winners of the VGP 2024 SUMMER awards. FIIO’s products were highly acclaimed, winning a total of 69 awards across various categories. These honors include: 1 Hall of Fame Award (equivalent to the top Gold Award), 3 Planning Awards, 12 Gold Awards, and 53 General Awards.


In the Lifestyle category, the M17 received the prestigious Hall of Fame Award and the Gold Award. Both the CP13 and KB3 were honored with the Planning Award. Additionally, the K19, K9 PRO ESS, K7 BT, M23, KA17, KA13, KA11, BTR15, FD15, and JD3 (Black) all received Gold Awards. In the Pure Audio category, the K19 was awarded the Planning Award, while the K9 earned the Gold Award.


Here is the list of awards: