Magnetic Bundling Kit MagClip Is Officially Released!

No more wobbling for your dongle! FIIO MagClip is here to solve that problem for you! The MagClip is a magnetic dongle bundling kit designed for iPhones with MagSafe functionality. It can also be used with other phones that have magnetic capabilities.

* For phones without MagSafe or magnetic capabilities, MagClip can be used with a MagSafe-compatible phone case.

* If your phone or phone case lacks sufficient magnetic strength, you can add the included magnetic base to enhance the magnetic force when using the MagClip.


Can’t shake off that “magnetic attraction”

The 17 N52-grade neodymium iron boron magnets with a magnetic attraction force comparable to the force of 2 liters of water means that the MagClip will safely stay secure no matter the situation.


Cut your dongle’s swinging

MagClip has been specially designed with multiple openings. By using the included rubber bands, you can secure the dongle to the MagClip, which stops the dongle from swinging left and right while moving and listening on the go.


Full attention to detail in a thoughtful design

The MagClip features a fully metal construction, which not only feels great but also makes it quite durable and resistant to bending. On the front is a silicone pad, which helps prevent daily wear and tear on the dongle.


* The MagClip is available on our AliExpress Official Store. Click the link to take it home right away:


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