A 1% change for 100% more excitement
Variety of Bluetooth format support for high quality wireless listening

The EH3 NC is the FiiO's first noise cancelling headphone with viariety of Bluetooth formats support – not only are the ACC/SBC lossy formats supported, but also the aptX/aptX Low Latency/LDAC/aptX HD lossless formats too. The EH3 NC gives audiophiles and music lovers a truly viable option to enjoy wireless freedom without sacrificing sound quality. 


Over-Ear Noise Cancelling Bluetooth Headphones

1. Supports Bluetooth audio formats like LDAC/aptX HD

2. ADI noise cancelling technology, feedforward hybrid active noise cancellation design
3. Large 45mm drivers with double-sided titanium-plated diaphragm

4. 50 hours battery life,1000 hours standby time

5. One-touch NFC

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Dual Hi-Res Audio Certifications

Not only is the EH3 NC Hi-Res Audio certified, it has also received the Hi-Res Audio Wireless certification. By supporting the new lossless wireless audio formats you get more detail in your music than ever, taking your wireless listening experience to a whole another level.

Giving you peace and quiet on your journey

ADI 2-way, 4-microphone array digital noise cancelling

Inside the EH3 NC is a high-end ADI noise-cancelling DSP chip, which works in conjunction with a 2-way, 4-microphone array altogether in a feedforward hybrid active noise-cancelling design. This design provides excellent noise cancellation under any kind of situation, even in challenging environments like in airplanes or vehicles.


The EH3 NC’s 4-microphone array first picks up ambient noise, which the built-in high-performance DSP chip then analyzes to emit a reverse signal to effectively cancel out the noise through destructive interference. 


Employed on the EH3 NC is Qualcomm’s flagship Bluetooth chip, the CSR8675 with support for Bluetooth 5.0. Not only does the CSR8675 efficiently transmit signals at high speed, it also effectively stabilizes signals and shields from external interference – making voice calls, gaming, and movie watching all more enjoyable.

Flagship Bluetooth chip CSR8675

Equipped with Bluetooth 5.0

Fashionable design and performance

The EH3 NC’s sleek shape, lightweight body, and closed-back over-the-ear design may make it stylish, but that doesn’t mean it skimps on its performance. You will still hear crisp drums, rumbling bass, and melodious guitars with the utmost clarity in this headphone.

EH3 NC headphones, storage bag, 3.5mm to 3.5mm audio cable, data cable, warranty card, user’s manual

EH3 NC packaged contents

Just one listen to truly appreciate

FiiO’s new generation of acoustic tuning technology

From portable earphones to desktop amplifiers, FiiO has always been dedicated to pursuing the ultimate musical experience. When creating this headphone, we did not want to sacrifice sound quality just to get noise cancelling, as with so many other similar headphones. Thus, FiiO has developed a new generation of acoustic tuning technology that allows the EH3 NC to produce clear and realistic sound with deep and tight bass. And when combined with the excellent noise cancellation, you will experience sound you never thought was previously possible.

Pure plush luxury for your ears

Removable protein leather earpads


In order to achieve excellent isolation from outside noises, the earpads are made of protein leather with larger than normal polymers. Not only are these earpads comfortable and durable, they also allow the EH3 NC to isolate from noise better than the typical noise-cancelling headphone. The earpads are replaceable, and can be replaced with specially-designed breathable mesh earpads for more enjoyable listening during hot summers.


*Breathable mesh earpads sold separately


Different from the typical 40mm drivers used in the same class of headphones, the large 45mm drivers with double-sided titanium-plated diaphragm utilized in the EH3 NC give dynamic and deep bass. With these drivers, playing your music will give you that extra rush of excitement.

Powerful rumbling bass

45mm drivers with double-sided titanium-plated diaphragm





large driver



The built-in NFC allows the EH3 NC to quickly communicate with compatible devices via short-range wireless communication, and even supports being woken up and instantly by NFC - so you can jump into your music immediately without going through the cumbersome pairing process.

Get into the world of music quickly


This allows the EH3 NC to dramatically shield you from and reduce noise, no matter what environment you are in. With noise-cancelling performance of 30+/-5dB, the EH3 NC’s noise-cancellation abilities are comparable to those of high-end ANC headphones.

Just listen – no need to worry about the battery

The 1000mAh battery gives the EH3 NC about 50 hours playtime, with a standby time up to a whopping 1000 hours.

*Listening through Bluetooth only battery life is approx. 50 hours

*Listening through Bluetooth and noise cancelling active battery life is approx. 30 hours

Wires can help you keep going


Even if you run out of power, you can keep listening when connected through the included 3.5mm cable to your phone/player/audio device. Your music is never offline with the EH3 NC.

Move to the rhythm anywhere

A new way to listen to music on your computer

Use the USB Type-C interface to connect to a computer to decode audio over USB. Give your familiar music a surprisingly pleasant twist.

Controls so simple, anybody could use it

· Handsfree calls

Press the play button to answer your call, and the built-in microphone allows your voice to come through crystal-clear in a handsfree call.

· Voice assistant

Double-press the multifunction button to wake up your phone’s voice assistant

· One-press pairing

Press and hold the play button to enter pairing mode immediately.

Your personal music DJ is always at hand

Use the FiiO Music app to remotely control the EH3 NC. Get the sound you exactly want through the equalizer; adjust various functions such as the indicator light, charging, power-saving auto shutdown timer; look at the current Bluetooth format and battery life; and more, all through the app.

Innovative design for a better experience

· 2.5D glass over carbon fiber texture

Each earpiece is fitted with carbon fiber texture covered by a 2.5D glass panel for a thoroughly distinctive look.


· Swivel design

With its lightweight design and ability to swivel in two directions, the EH3 NC can easily fit to different peoples’ heads more comfortably as well as making it easier to carry around and store.


· Headband extension indicator

Marks on the headband allow you to easily remember which size setting works best for you.


· Battery indicator

Check how much battery life remains anytime with five light indicators.

· The reliable business partner that helps keep quiet

Shields from noise as much as possible to reduce fatigue while traveling via plane or high-speed rail


· Intelligently enhancing your daily life

Lets you enjoy music without missing important voice reminders


· Total focus when working/studying

When you need to cancel out all noise to seriously focus

A pleasurable experience no matter where you go