1. From Beginner to Master (to be continued)

Mergency measures for system frozen or stuck

1.【Force to reboot】Hold power + pause button simultaneously for 10s.

2.【Factory data reset】Under OFF state, hold power+previous track button simultaneously, choosing "Wipe data/factory reset" to restore to factory mode).

3.【Fail to turn on or charging】Try other power adapters and charging cables.

4.【Extract a LOG file】For special software issues, please extract a LOG file and send it to us for analysis. Click to see how to extract


Entry Level

1. Firmware upgrade

2. Connect to computers to transfer music files

3. How to set and tell the volume level

4. Shuffle between the 4 working statuses

5. USB DAC function

6. Bluetooth receiver

7. Bluetooth transmitter

8. How to select language


Special Functions

1. In-vehicle mode

2. Over-ear headphone mode

3. HOLD switch setting

4. Multifunction button

5. Indicator light control


Senior Operations

1. USB output

2. Screenshot: Swipe down with 3 fingers

3. FiiO Link WiFi & FiiO Link (Bluetooth): remotely control the playing on M15

4. AirPlay


Other Notes

M15 Complete User Manual

Repository of Firmwares and Drivers

Could not find answers above? Please contact customer service: support@fiio.com.