1. Scratch off the silver coating marked as "FiiO Scratch query" on the security label attached on the package to get the 20-digit security code.
2. Click the "Check Authenticity" icon at the bottom of the home page or click directly.
3. Enter the 20-digit security code (without any space charaters) in the popup window then click "CHECK".

4. You will get the checking result if the code is correct.
A. The product you are checking is genuine. The product is manufactured by FiiO Company, thanks for choosing us.
B. The number you are checking does not exist. The product is not manufactured by FiiO Company.
C. The number has been checked. If this is the first time you enter the security code after scratched the coating personally,
 it means the product is not an authentic one.
D. The security code you input is less than 20 digits, please try it again.