Procedures of How to Get After-sales Service 
1. Please contact local dealer first once you find problem in the machine. If they refuse to give related after-sales service,
please give feedback to FiiO Company by sending email to or We would handle it properly to ensure customer's satisfaction.
2. For repair maintenance, you are supposed to send the defective device to FiiO Company with freight paid.
After it has been repaired, we will send the sound machine back to you with freight paid by FiiO.
3. It is highly suggested to buy from local authorized sales agent to get better, faster before and after sales service.
4. Plaese do not maintain or dismantle the product on your own and keep it away from water.


Contact Information for After-sales Service 
In case of abnormal working or wrong operations, it's suggested that you first visit our website and go to the Support area to get related information.
If you cannot find the information you need or if it's confirmed to be a warranty issue, please send email to or to consult.