Unibody stainless steel construction | 9.2mm composite dynamic driver

Sound reflection-absorbing internal design | Powerful neodymium magnet driver

Specially-tuned frequency response | Semi-open acoustic design

HD microphone and line controls | Aluminum alloy audio plugs

Hi-Res Audio certified | Left “blue” & right “red” easy recognition

Note: The product layout is for reference only, and everything is subject to the actual product.

* The product layout is for reference only.

All products are subject to the actual product.

Professionally tuned


frequency response

A scientific approach was used to create the JD3’s internal acoustic design to ensure its driver could be utilized to its maximum potential. Special care was taken to ensure that the highs and mids were transparent and suitably bright, without sacrificing powerful and textured bass. Fully experience the effortless raw power of the JD3’s driver!

Pleasant listening

Semi-open acoustic design

The patented balanced pressure relief system has numerous benefits. For sound quality, balancing air pressure inside and outside of the JD3 reduces distortion and allows for cleaner bass due to letting the driver move as necessary. For comfort, the balanced pressure relief system eliminates pressure on your eardrum, allowing you to listen longer without discomfort.

The JD3 features line controls allowing you to place calls, play/pause music, and adjust volume to your liking. The included HD microphone allows you to merrily have voice calls with others when you’re not enjoying your music.

Be in total control

HD microphone with line controls

*Line controls are compatible with many Android and iPhone iOS devices for these functions: play/pause; answer/hang up; next/previous track; volume +/-.

The materials making up the composite diaphragm of the large 9.2mm dynamic driver were carefully chosen for exceptional sound, allowing for deep bass, lush mids, and vibrant treble. Additionally, the dual-cavity internal structure was carefully designed for excellent bass transient performance, allowing you to more easily get drawn into the rhythm of your music.

Impressive sound

9.2mm composite

diaphragm driver

Strikingly solid

Unibody stainless

steel construction

Build quality is a priority with the JD3. Stainless steel is the material of choice for the JD3, and allows painstaking craftsmanship of the clever unibody design to truly shine and positively radiate with energy. 

Carefully tuned acoustics

Sound reflection-absorbing design

When the diaphragm of the dynamic driver vibrates to create sound, unwanted reflections and sound waves may occur. In the small inner cavity where the driver is located, standing waves are especially prone to occur – resulting in strange and undesirable effects on the frequency response and lots of distortion. Therefore, sound-absorbing foam is strategically placed near the JD3’s dynamic driver in order to absorb any undesirable sound waves (including greatly reducing standing waves) and guide the rest of the sound waves in the desired direction. The result is improved sound that not only tonally sounds more natural, but is also actually more detailed with higher resolution.

The JD3’s driver employs a neodymium magnet with high magnetic flux for ample energy reserves. The voice coil is made of CCAW, which is lightweight and easy to drive. The composite diaphragm is lightweight and with high internal damping. All of this results in a high sensitivity of 107dB/mW with clear mids, appropriately presenting treble, and thunderous bass.

Bottomless bass

Powerful neodymium magnet driver

With the JD3, for every detail time-tested materials are used as a base to improve the overall product even further. This includes the audio plug, which is made of proven aluminum alloy materials to ensure the JD3 is more reliable than ever while looking great.

Time-tested construction

Aluminum alloy plugs

The JD3 has been certified by JAS (Japan Audio Society) and CEA (Consumer Electronics Association) to be truly Hi-Res Audio capable in recognition of its ability to bring you accurate, high-fidelity audio as the artist intended.

Hi-Res Audio certified

The extremely comfortable straight insertion wearing design of the JD3 allows you to freely and comfortably start your musical journey, your ears free from a cable wrapped around them. The left “blue” and right “red” design easily allows you to visually identify which ear unit is which. In addition, a tactile dot is also present on the left ear unit as another way to let you know which ear unit is left and right. 

Straight insertion design, left “blue” and

right “red markings

 Silicone ear tips*4 pairs (SS/S/M/L), After-sales maintenance card*1

*M size ear tips are pre-installed at the factory

Abundant accessories