Frequency response tuned towards Harman curve | Unibody aluminum alloy construction | Dual-layer dynamic driver | High energy neodymium magnets
Internal reflection absorption | Semi-open design | HD microphone with in-line controls | Aluminum alloy plug | Standard 3.5mm to Type-C cable

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Abyssal bass
High energy neodymium


JD3 elegant black version uses a neodymium magnet drive unit with high magnetic energy product. It has high magnetic density characteristics and abundant energy reserves. The voice coil is made of CCAW material. It is light in weight, easy to drive, and has a sensitivity of 107dB/mW. It is matched with a lightweight and high internal resistance composite diaphragm to present clear medium, high and deep bass.

Comfortable listening
Semi-open design

The patented balance pressure relief system not only greatly reduces pressure on the eardrum for more comfortable listening, it also improves sound quality by allowing the diaphragm to move more freely, reduces distortion, and allows for cleaner and more well-extended bass. 

The JD3 Black edition contains in-line controls* with voice call, pause, and volume functionality that when combined with the standard HD microphone allows you to chill to music and chat with others at will! The standard 3.5mm (female) to Type-C cable supports audio output from Android devices through the Type-C interface.

Upgraded experience
HD microphone with in-line controls

Note: In-line controls are compatible with most Android devices with the following functionality: play/pause, answer/hang up, next/previous track, volume +/-

JThe JD3 Black edition features a unibody aluminum alloy construction that is both a feast for your eyes and your hands, for a total sensory reboot on what is possible for affordable IEMs.

Sensory reboot Unibody

aluminum alloy construction

Expertly tuned
Frequency response tuned

towards Harman curve

The JD3 Black edition has been tuned for sound towards the Harman curve (In Ear 2019)”  - great care has been placed for a pleasing sound that will satisfy many.

Dual-layer housing dynamic driver
With a new diaphragm

The JD3 Black edition employs a large 9.2mm dynamic driver with a titanium-plated composite diaphragm. The driver produces deep bass, solid lush mids, and beautifully well-extended treble. The dual layer-housing the driver sits in allows for hearty, exciting bass that is also quick and well-controlled. 

When the dynamic driver vibrates to generate sound, it generates unwanted reflected sound waves that if left uncontrolled lead to undesirable standing waves resulting  in negative impacts on the frequency response curve and more distortion. Thus, the JD3’s dynamic driver features sound-reflection-absorbing material whose pores attenuate any undesirable reflected waves and change the direction of sound waves in general  - leading to less distortion and overall positive sonic benefits. 

Totally-refined great sound
Internal reflection absorption

The JD3 Black edition has been Hi-Res Audio certified by the Japan Audio Society and the Consumer Electronics Association, a testament to its excellent sound quality that fully reproduces the music as the artist intended.

Hi-Res Audio certified

Accessories included: 3.5mm (female) to Type-C adapter, Black storage bag*1, Silicone ear tips*4 pairs (SS/S/M/L), Warranty card*1
*M-sized ear tips are pre-installed.

Abundant accessories

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*Replacement refers to getting a totally new unit.

Warranty and replacements