Custom Knowles BA driver

13.6mm beryllium dynamic driver
Patented S.Turbo acoustics design

Exotic-inspired acoustics design
3 pairs of interchangeable sound filters

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New 4 Balanced Armatures 1 Dynamic Driver Flagship IEMs


Knowles BA drivers 

Beryllium-plated dynamic driver 
S.TURBO acoustic design

 Balanced pressure relief technology

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2 BA 1 Dynamic Driver Hybrid Earphones


DLP 3D printed | Skin-friendly resin shell imported from Germany 
Quad Knowles Balanced Armature drivers per ear| 4-way crossover system
Unparalleled custom-IEM like comfort

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Quad Driver Balanced Armature In-Ear Monitors


1 dynamic 6 BA driver design | Titanium alloy construction

Custom 6 Knowles BA setup| 2nd gen DLC diaphragm bass driver

Specially-tuned frequency response | S.TURBO acoustic technology

Semi-open acoustic design | Specially-engineered notch filter

Interchangeable sound filters | Stainless steel angled MMCX connectors

High-purity monocrystalline pure silver cable | Hi-Res audio certified

 Twist-lock swappable plugs

*Pictures are for reference only. The real product may vary.

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*Pictures are for reference only. The real product may vary.

6 Balanced Armature Drivers | 3-way crossover system

316L stainless steel construction | 3rd-gen industrial design

High-purity silver-plated |  monocrystalline copper cable

Angled MMCX connectors | Twist-lock swappable plugs

Hi-Res Audio certified

*Pictures are for reference only. The real product may vary.

Pure beryllium diaphragm 12mm large dynamic driver | Exclusive color scheme Stainless steel MMCX connectors| 3 interchangeable sound tubes Semi-open acoustic design | Front acoustic prism High purity monocrystalline pure silver cable

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Pure beryllium diaphragm dynamic driver | 60 imitation diamonds inlay

Semi-open acoustic design| Exclusive wooden case | 24K gold plating

High-purity gold-silver-copper hybrid braided cable | Front acoustic prism

Unique serial number | Twist-lock interchangeable audio plugs

**Pictures are for reference only. The real product may vary.

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Flagship-level DLC diamond diaphragm | Front acoustic prism
Semi-open acoustic design | Interchangeable sound tubes
2.5D film coating glass faceplate | Quality swappable cable


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Beryllium-coated DLC diaphragm | Front acoustic prism

Rear volcanic field system | Semi-open acoustic design 

Interchangeable sound tubes | Interchangeable audio jack

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Flagship Dynamic In-ear Monitors


Quad Driver Hybrid In-Ear Monitors

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Exotic-inspired Acoustics Design

Exotic-inspired S.TURBO technology Exotic-inspired independent sound tubes 

Knowles Balanced Armature Drivers

6 Knowles BA | DLP 3D printing

80.6mm ultra-long sound tube
4-way electronic crossover

3 sound adjustment switches

8-stranded monocrystalline silver-plated copper cable

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6 Knowles Balanced Armature IEM 


Knowles 33518 Balanced Armature 
Large 13.6mm dynamic driver
Balanced pressure relief technology
Friendly HiFi tuning for popular music
High purity monocrystalline Litz copper cable 

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Dual Driver Hybrid (DD & Knowles BA) Earphones



Single Balanced Armature In-Ear Monitors 

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Specially customized balanced armature driver

Detachable MMCX cable丨DLP 3D printed

Light andcomfortable丨Democratizing affordable excellent sound

Accesories for earphones


2 Balanced Armatures 2 Dynamic Drivers In-Ear Monitors

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All-new acoustic design

Semi-open design with grand soundstage

3 sound tuning switches 

3 swappable headphone plugs

Optimized 1 dynamic 2 BA drivers design

Gold-plated 0.78mm 2-pin connectors

Intricate light and shadow finish

13.6mm large dynamic driver

Custom treble BA drivers

Balanced pressure relief system

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1 Dynamic 2 BA Drivers IEMs


Unibody stainless steel construction

Powerful neodymium magnet driver

Specially-tuned frequency response

Dual-cavity dynamic driver

HD microphone and line controls

 Aluminum alloy audio plugs

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Single Dynamic Driver IEMs


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